Flexible and complex software solutions for business
Radan Radimport available in Russian
Vero atop the CAM vendor charts reports CIMdata
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custom-made software development
Custom-made software development
Full-scale website and mobile application development
Full-scale website and mobile application development

Developed Software

A CAD/CAM solution for Euromac machines

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RoburCAM – a complex punching technological process automation CAD/CAM solution for programming Euromac punch presses with TopPunch.

Free, simple to use industrial orders auction

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IndustrialBids is an auction-based tool created to help the industrial companies to find orders and subcontractors in various fields of manufacturing like metals, textiles, wood, etc.

Case Studies

WorkNC CAD/CAM ensures a precision subcontractor provides both accurate quotes and quality parts with no surface finish faults, to their customers. Without it, Aravis Precision say they would only have half their current turnover.
VISI software was at the heart of a mold maker's recent move to new 6,500 square foot premizes. KA Tooling say VISI gave them confidence to invest in additional CNC machines and move to larger premizes to meet the growing demand for their bespoke injection mold tools.