Bridging the skills gap in automotive manufacturing 13.07.2017 Bridging the skills gap in automotive manufacturing Automotive manufacturers are currently facing a series of challenges. With increased pressure to meet customer demand for more personalised designs, they are tasked with creating a more flexible production environment, reducing engineering time and costs, and accelerating speed to market if they are to remain competitive.
In addition, like other industries, automotive is looking at a global skills shortage, in which too few engineers are sufficiently qualified to operate sophisticated automated machinery and equipment, or support the advancements available via emerging technologies.

Features and Functions of Five-Axis 03.07.2017 Features and Functions of Five-Axis Capitalizing on its unique characteristics can help you fully realize the potential of five-axis machining. There is always a correlation between the market for a product and technology. The trend towards reducing the number of components, for example, has led to increasing complexity of individual workpieces. The availability of five-axis machining followed by five-axis simultaneous machining intensified this trend, and has ultimately resulted in multi-axis milling operations gaining a foothold in prototype construction, tool making and moldmaking, aircraft construction, and serial production.

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