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Radbend 6 months on

Radbend 6 months on

6 months ago, a British sheet metal subcontractor Secal implemented Radan's bending module Radbend. We have already published a case study about this decision and expectations, so now we are back with another story from Secal's representative Annabel Smith, who summarized how the engineering department is finding finding Radbend so far and what they plan to do next.


“Although not as powerful or as versatile as SolidWorks or Inventor, Radan is a good fit for Secal as it ties in with our E2i system and incorporates the Radbend software, which is an excellent addition to our software suite”

Dave Murray, Design Engineer at Secal Ltd


It is clear that Radbend has been a good investment to support our current and future press brake operators. With the national skilled worker crisis, I would recommend the software to subcontract manufacturers. We have come across hurdles such as software ‘bugs’ but our issues were soon resolved after being fully investigated by Radan. Radan have been excellent in supporting the implementation of Radbend; they acknowledge any queries and are willing to help.


Please read another case study on our website - "Introduction of Radan Software to Secal Ltd"

Our shop floor employees have been excellent; they can see the benefits of the software as it is clear that part quality has improved. They are keen to inform the engineering department if parts can be made in a more efficient or improved way and our engineers update programs to suit.


Due to the positive response, we are now looking to implement Radbend onto more of our press brakes, currently Radbend is integrated onto our Trumpf 5170 Press Brake and we will look to roll out to other machines this year. The hurdles we will come across will be the age of some machines, we currently have 7 press brakes ranging up to 10 years old but still producing perfect parts, we like to keep up-to-date with machinery but whilst our press brakes are still accurate and reliable it is a difficult decision to update. The software is not compatible with our older machines and they do not have network connectivity. This year we plan to have a Radbend program for all parts.


Radbend is an investment that is already paying for itself, improving the quality of parts on our press brakes producing less rejects and damages. At Secal we look for repeatability, productivity and competitivity and we are positive that Radbend is supporting our values throughout our folding, engineering and quality departments. 


We know from our experience in the retail sector and other industries that quality is very important, mixed with the ability to deliver on time, in full. Radbend is helping us to produce parts more efficiently and consistently with greater aspects of control and quality leading to a better overall service, this making Secal a valuable part of a supply chain.

About the Company

Name: Secal Ltd

Business: Sheet metal subcontractor (punching, bending, laser cutting)


Benefits achieved

  • Assistance in training apprentices and bending machine operators
  • Compatible with Autodesk Inventor and can be used together in manufacturing
  • Scrap and problem elimination on the shop floor
  • Creating folded parts is much easier

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