About Us

Dreambird is an authorized distributor of Hexagon Production Software products in Russia, CIS, Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and a developer of IT solutions for business and manufacturing. Hexagon Production Software is part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence , a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualisation technologies.
“Part of our clients's success is in
Hexagon Production Software modern
automation technologies of metalworking”

Dreambird offers full client support and training. Nowadays, thanks to Dreambird’s efforts, many workstations on manufacturing plants use all the advantages and benefits of Hexagon Production Software products - CAD/CAM RADAN for sheet metal punching, bending and various kinds of cutting (laser, water jet, plasma, gas) with a revolutionary RADNEST nesting module; CAM EDGECAM for mill-turn CNC machining, CAD/CAM/CAE VISI for mould and die design, analysis and development, and the most powerful CAD viewer on the market - WORKXPLORE. We also offer an industrial ERP system WORKPLAN, specially designed for medium and small manufacturers. Implementing those solutions as an integrated part of the manufacturing cycle allows the customers to follow lean management principles.

Using their experience with industrial software along with sheet metal market specifics and requirements, Dreambird team has developed their own unique PowerCAM software for EUROMAC machinery. Its basic set of functions and attractive price makes it a perfect option for small manufacturing sites to start processing sheet metal components.

Besides, Dreambird develops custom-made software. Our software development team of experienced professionals offers its knowledge of various cutting edge technologies and conventional development processes. Depending on the client’s requirements and needs, specific business management systems, various Internet solutions, websites, mobile apps are developed and tailored; also, many kinds of graphic design services are offered.

One of the most important strategical targets that Dreambird set is implementing the newest metalworking industry technologies and enhancing knowledge of the involved employees. Therefore, we cooperate with technical schools, offering them RADAN and EDGECAM CAD/CAM solutions with special prices and conditions, assisting in development of training courses and training teachers free of charge.

Dreambird team is ready to use their knowledge, creativity and experience to offer the most suitable, interesting and efficient solutions to any client.

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