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How CAD/CAM software postprocessors impact CNC machining

How CAD/CAM software postprocessors impact CNC machining

Simply put, CAD/CAM Post Processors are used to generate NC programs that are specific to each individual CNC machine controller. The Post Processor drives the format of the G or M-code that will be produced and ultimately instruct your machine how to create your part.

Users can generally create their own Post Processors or have one custom built by the expert technicians of their CAD/CAM software solution supplier to integrate into their CAM software.

CAD/CAD software Post Processor It’s important to use the correct Post Processor in conjunction with the version of CAM software you have or it will not work.

Post Processors typically contain the following elements:

  • G & M-code Post Processor
  • File Header Send Characters
  • Default Program Header / Safety Lines
  • Use of Cutter Compensation (Profile Cutting)
  • Work Offsets
  • Feed Rate Output
  • Tool Height Offsets
  • Point to Point Motion 3+1 Axis
  • Tool Change Calls
  • Canned Cycles
  • Program End Codes
  • File Trailer Codes
Users who want something more tailor-made to their liking or have a unique machine that differs from standard output requirements will find Custom Post Processors extremely beneficial.

They commonly contain the following elements:

  • Multiple Head/Spindle Support
  • Drill Bank Configurations & Selectable Drills
  • Aggregate Heads
  • Non-Standard Canned Cycles
  • Tool & Feature Based Conditional Output
  • Conversational or Non G-code Output
  • Add Custom Codes
  • Multiple Offsets
  • Custom Feeds
  • Prompt Boxes for User Input During Posting
  • Additional Axis Indexing (5+)

There are as many CAD/CAM Post Processors as there are CNC machine controllers. The most common types of CNC machines are Haas, Hurco, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, GE Fanuc, Fadal & Mazak. The odds that any CAD/CAM provider having a working Post Processor for those brands are very high, and in most cases, if they don’t then they will usually build one free of charge.

Users of Hexagon Production software CAD/CAM like RADAN and RADBEND for sheet metal software and EDGECAM for mill-turn and multi-axis machining are always welcome to contact our technical support in their region or location and ask about a post processor for their machine.

Experience in postprocessor development enables our company’s engineers to prepare an accurate postprocessor for your machine and tune it afterwards.We develop postprocessors for Hexagon Production Software products: RADBEND - RADAN's sheet metal bending module, and EDGECAM CAM solution for milling, turning and multi-axis CNC metalworking, following the customer's requirements and manufacturing processes.

In case of a necessity of any further updates and corrections of the postprocessor later, it will be performed in terms of the warranty agreement.

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