Edgecam postprocessor training completed by Dreambird's engineer

Edgecam postprocessor training completed by Dreambird's engineer

In spite of the hot summer settled in Riga and a vacation athmosphere everywhere, Dreambird is looking towards improvement and development of its technical competence and enhancing the knowledge of its employees.

An engineer from Dreambird has just completed the first training course of postprocessor development of Edgecam. It was conducted by a Vero Software representative and held in Wakefield (South Kirby) Training Centre, England. Training was mainly targeted to provide the Edgecam engineers with the essential information about postprocessor creation specifics. This knowledge will be useful in consulting Edgecam users and providing even better service.

Post processors are often referred to as a CAM system’s ‘Achilles Heel’,” says Edgecam’s latest Project Engineer, Christos Andreou. “Some manufacturers understand their importance, and start thinking about them as soon as they order a new machine tool. While others, unfortunately, never place any importance on a post processor until they find they’re losing production time editing programs on the machine, or have to contact Technical Support for help.

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