Hexagon solutions attract booth visitors ar Tech Industry 2019

Hexagon solutions attract booth visitors ar Tech Industry 2019

On November 28-30th 2019, the largest Baltic industrial trade fair Tech Industry 2019 took place in Riga. Its two halls introduced latest technological developments of manufacturing equipment, materials, tooling and services of over 200 participants.

On its joint booth with Italian Machinery Association и Smart Storage Solutions divisions, Dreambird presented the latest versions of RADAN, EDGECAM and VISI metalworking software solutions developed by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. 

RADAN CAD/CAM suite for sheet metal fabrication gained the most attention from visitors. The booth featured live demonstration of Euromac punch press and press brake, both driven by RADAN NC-code created by RADAN Radbend for bending and RADAN Radpunch for punching. Processed parts were first nested on a sheet using RADAN's incomparable nesting engine.

Many existing CAD/CAM RADAN customers visited the booth to express their positive attitude to working with it, especially highlighting the reporting system with its ability to tailor the reports so that they perfectly match the company business processes. They also wished to improve and expand the solutions they own.

Booth visitors were attracted by the robotized Euromac FX Bend Cell bending cell demonstrated on the booth. That's why many questions were related to support of robotic and automatic devices in Hexagon solutions. They also asked about functionalities of point cloud processing in CAD/CAM/CAE VISI after obtaining one from a surface laser scanner.

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