Vero Software on the International Industrial Forum in Kiev on Nov 20-23

Vero Software on the International Industrial Forum in Kiev on Nov 20-23

An Ukrainian Vero Software distributor Soft Engineering Group (SEG) will demonstrate the most popular software solution on its booth G10 in the International Industrial Forum in Kiev. SEG's knowledgeable engineers and Dreambird's solution experts will inform the customers how the CAD/CAM/CAE Vero Software products can help in solving manufacturing problems, how they drive the existing equipment, consider industrial process specifics and help in expanding the market share.

International Industrial Forum is the largest industrial exhibition event in Ukraine. Happening from 20th to 23rd November, it includes specialized events in the domain of metalworking, machine building and related fields, as well as a vast program of scientific and practical conferences, seminars and presentations carried out by participants of the Forum. Every year the latest industrial technologies, machinery, tools, components and services are presented within the Forum.

Soft Engineering Group (SEG) is the leading distributor and engineering system technical design, analysis and development center of CAD/CAM/CAE in Ukraine. Their activities are targeted onto supply, implementation and technical assistance of ANSYS, Vero Software, HEXAGON (INTERGRAPH), НИЦ СТАДИО solutions. Also SEG offers engineering consulting services: technical specification calculations, method creation for standard orders, software adaptation, hardware consulting, CAM-independent postprocessor development for any kind of CNC.

From the wide Vero Software portfolio, the Kiev fair visitors will be able to see VISI (mould design and manufacture), Surfcam (mill-turn and multi-axis machining, EDM, probe and inspection support) and Radan (sheet metal fabrication). For the first time they will see Radan's newest version 2019 R1. It offers different tools and methods for faster results achieving and improvement. Among those, one should note significant Radquote quoting module updates that make it accessible for various departments and team members with any skills and competence.

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