A new Vero Software reseller in Uzbekistan

A new Vero Software reseller in Uzbekistan

Dreambird, an official distributor of Vero Software solutions (Radan, Edgecam, VISI, WorkXplore, WorkNC) in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, continues growing and expanding its reseller network in these regions. A brand-new partnership has been recently established with Texno-Soft company in Uzbekistan.

Texno-Soft is an IT company based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, working in software development since 1999. During these years, several successful products for logistics, accounting and reporting were developed and launched on the Uzbek market, along with the experience of distributing software solutions from third parties.

Representing the software for manufacturing and 3D object manipulation will be a completely new practice for Texno-Soft, but the understanding of IT development and dealing, that the team has, gives them an ability for learning the new interfaces and processes quickly. Texno-Soft will introduce Radan, Edgecam, VISI and WorkXplore to the clients in Uzbekistan.

Dreambird’s managing director Ivan Izosin says, that working with Central Asia may have its specifics due to cultural differences and mentality, but these markets possess a serious industrial potential with a long history of metal manufacturing and processing. Many companies in these regions are looking towards increasing their productivity, so the time has come to make them familiar with the most up-to-date innovations and reliability of the Vero Software solutions.

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