OEMs choose Vero Software solutions on Metalloobrabotka 2017 exhibition

OEMs choose Vero Software solutions on Metalloobrabotka 2017 exhibition Last week, the greatest Russian industry  exhibition Metalloobrabotka 2017 with many years of history took place in the Expocenter exhibition venue in Moscow. Many visitors from all over the world came together to see the newest achievements and technologies of metal industry from over 900 participants from 32 countries. Nowadays Metalloobrabotka is the largest Russian event, dedicated to machine tools and modern technologies.

Dreambrird company showed the most recent releases of the revolutionary CAD/CAM software products from Vero Software - for sheet metal fabrication (Radan, Radbend) and mill turn machines (Edgecam). This time, the software solutions appeared on the booths of Dreambird's dealers and partners, who also displayed different kinds of machine tools. It made the demonstration of the software's abilities to generate NC code and testing it in practice possible, showing it to a wider audience.

During the exhibition there were many meetings with OEMs from different countries who higly evaluated the reliability and functionality of Vero Software solutions and their compatibility with any kind of manufacturing equipment. In the nearest time, more discussions will occur - Dreambird is looking forward for closing efficient partnership deals for supplying software in packages with the machine tools.

Balt-System - a Russian CNC device developer for different operations, is now developing an integrated BS-CAM solution, based on Edgecam. This is a new approach for machining that combines CAM technology with BALT-SYSTEM CNC device for milling, turning, multi-function and five-axis machining centers. As Andrey Kostenko, deputy director of Balt-System, says,their main goal is to achieve a closely bind integration of CAM and CNC device and maximum adaptation to the product specifics. During the part machining, a programmer may take some measurements on the machine, returning the data into the CAM system, which will decide if any changes are required. There won't be any manual programming, plugins or macros necessary, since everything is located in a single environment and automated. A new CAM system is based on the Edgecam's engine, and is now developed in Vero Software's headquarters.

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