Webinar: introduction to EDGECAM CAM system for metalworking

Webinar: introduction to EDGECAM CAM system for metalworking

Dreambird, an official distributor of Hexagon Production Software solutions, is hosting a free online webinar "Introduction to EDGECAM CAM system for metalworking", which will take place at August 21st 2019, 11:00 (Moscow time).

Language: Russian

Length: 30 minutes

The webinar will be dedicated to introduction into the main functions of EDGECAM CAM system by Hexagon Production Software and its application possibilities in manufacturing: milling, turning, mill-turn, multi-axis and EDM machining. EDGECAM is one of the global leaders in software for CAM toolpath generation for CNC metalworking machine tools.

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To ensure the connection stability and transmission quality during the webinar, we limit the number of participants by 25, so please hurry to register before it’s too late.

The registration is open until August 21st or while the places are still available. We recommend using a headset. Depending on the interest about the webinar, it might be repeated later.

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