Edgecam at Haas Demo Day 2017 in Florida

Edgecam at Haas Demo Day 2017 in Florida

Able to program any machine tool, the powerful and flexible Edgecam computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) solution will be exhibited May 10 at Haas Demo Day 2017 in Tampa, Florida.

Haas Demo Day offers attendees the opportunity to see the latest Haas technologies in action, and to see firsthand how Edgecam maximizes the power of Haas machinery for greater productivity and quality. Haas Demo Day highlights may include demonstrations of through-spindle coolant, wireless intuitive probing systems, dynamic work offsets/center-point control, and much more.

Among Edgecam’s time-saving capabilities is the Waveform roughing strategy, a high-speed machining cycle that is available for milling and turning and delivers consistent tool-engagement with the material, thereby maintaining constant tool-cutting load. By generating smooth toolpath to avoid sharp changes in direction, Edgecam Waveform maintains machine-tool velocity while decreasing cycle time and increasing tool life.

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