Maja Foster Heads Software Specialist’s Global Marketing

Maja Foster Heads Software Specialist’s Global Marketing

In September, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has appointed Maja Foster as Global Marketing Director of its Production Software business.

Joining the company after seven years at machine tool manufacturer Mazak, including the last three as European Marketing Manager, Maja brings a wealth of metalworking industry experience to her new role, in which she will be setting marketing strategies for all product lines under the Production Software umbrella.

In addition to the marketing responsibilities, Maja will also lead Product Management, a specialist team whose tasks include gathering market intelligence, performing market analysis and defining future product content and direction.

After completing three degrees – M.Eng in Structural Engineering, B.Eng (Hons) in Civil Engineering, and BSc (Hons) in International Business and Marketing, Maja has worked for British, German and Japanese B2B organizations, and has held senior marketing positions for 13 years, including being the highest ranking female in the world for a leading global manufacturer.

During that time she gained experience in setting and delivering international marketing strategies, managing international teams, managing multi-million pound projects and budgets, and optimizing marketing processes.

Steve Sivitter, CEO of Hexagon Production Software, commented: “Maja’s experience, along with her passion for manufacturing, made her a perfect fit for a role that consolidated both marketing and product management functions. We’re really excited having her as part of our senior management team leading critical parts of our business.”

Away from the office, Maja is a self-confessed petrol head with a passion for Formula 1, and driving fast, modern cars.

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