WORKNC, VISI, EDGECAM, NCSIMUL on Ardennes CN tech days Dec 4-6th

WORKNC, VISI, EDGECAM, NCSIMUL on Ardennes CN tech days Dec 4-6th

A number of CAD/CAM and simulation software products from Hexagon will feature at the forthcoming Ardennes CN technical events in December, along with at least 30 experts in machine tools, robotics, accessories and equipment.

The WORKNC milling solution software, EDGECAM combined turning/milling solution, NCSIMUL simulation and monitoring solution and VISI reverse engineering solution will be on show during Ardennes CN’s three technical days, from December 4 to 6 at their premises in Nouzonville.

The events will be marked by live demonstrations on Huron, Ken and Goodway machine tools, driven by WORKNC and EDGECAM.

Two powerful machining strategies will be highlighted at the event: Advanced Toolform roughing, with high-feed cutter, and Waveform; along with the reverse engineering module, VISI REVERSE, to create solid models from scanned data ; as well as the NCSIMUL solutions for G-code simulation and NCSIMUL Monitor for real-time machine status monitoring.

Samantha Mayet, from Hexagon, says: “As the only software representative at the event, we’re proud of the trust our partner Ardennes CN has in us, combining their machining expertize with our software to provide visitors and customers with state-of-the-art solutions.”

WORKNC, VISI, EDGECAM, NCSIMUL from December 4 to 6, 2019 - Technical Days Ardennes CN, Nouzonville

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