Five Hexagon Production Software Products to be Exhibited Sept. 24-26 at WESTEC 2019 in Long Beach, California

Five Hexagon Production Software Products to be Exhibited Sept. 24-26 at WESTEC 2019 in Long Beach, California

EDGECAM, NCSIMUL, RADAN, SURFCAM and WORKNC will be exhibited at booth No. 1645, where demonstrations of the capabilities available with each solution will be presented

Designed to cut programming and production time without sacrificing quality, five manufacturing solutions by the Hexagon Production Software business will be exhibited Sept. 24-26 at WESTEC 2019 in Long Beach, California.

WESTEC offers attendees the opportunity to connect with thousands of leading manufacturers in critical industries, including aerospace, medical, industrial machinery, and consumer goods. With complimentary educational sessions, the three-day event is an ideal platform for learning more about the business component of manufacturing. It also offers interactive knowledge bars, topical keynote addresses and informative new-product demonstrations.

EDGECAM 2020.0 introduces a specific 5-axis ‘Tilt’ control strategy, combined with a ‘Barrel Cutter,’ and represents a significant enhancement for users. Barrel cutters are recognized as one of the fastest tools for 5-axis machining, and are now fully supported in the EDGECAM Toolstore.

The latest version of NCSIMUL CNC simulation and verification software includes new and enhanced functionality that delivers the ability to execute tasks for existing projects on remote servers. Based on client-server scheduling architecture, the NCSIMUL machining module now includes automation functionality that provides wider control for jobs across various devices by communicating with distant servers.

The new quick-nest mode in RADAN 2020.0 provides a more visual interface, as well as limited upfront setup for projects and a redesigned new-project dialog that allows users to nest more quickly. Time benefits can also be achieved with machine-specific projects and templates, which are also designed to help users nest more quickly.

A number of new and enhanced features available with the latest version of SURFCAM provide increased productivity for both milling and turning users. Mindful of the need to generate efficient toolpaths to reduce production costs, SURFCAM 2020.0 offers a significant performance boost when either roughing or profiling a solid model. Users are able to utilize the machining engine to compute only the data constrained within a boundary, ignoring the rest of the model; this significantly decreases the cache size while generating faster toolpaths.

WORKNC 2020.0 expands its exclusive Advanced Toolform technology with the introduction of 5-axis machining for any tool shape, including shapes such as barrels, ovals, and parabolic, to be calculated over part surfaces, including negative offsets (allowances).

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