Edgecam at the HTEC CNC Educators Training Conference on July 23-27 2018

Edgecam at the HTEC CNC Educators Training Conference on July 23-27 2018

Technical education will be the focus July 23-27, when Edgecam CAD/CAM software for metal cutting, multi-axis and EDM machining, by Vero Software, takes part in the 2018 HTEC Americas CNC Educators conference hosted by the Haas Technical Education Center (HTEC) Network in Danville, Virginia.

Featuring high-school program visits, educational workshops, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and more, the event is an opportunity to network with educators, HTEC partners and industry professionals to learn how to build partnerships with students, communities, manufacturers, schools, and programs.

The conference reflects the network’s goal to provide students with a relevant, high tech and hands-on educational experience to prepare future CNC machinists, programmers and engineers for today's industrial employers and the manufacturing challenges of the future.

The latest version of Edgecam offers 54 items of new or enhanced functionality that improve productivity by using a range of cutting technologies and machining strategies.

These include significant changes to the Pre-Drill Approach Roughing cycle, creating features from wireframe entities, 3D milling cycles in mill-turn Rotary mode, 28 new technolo-gy databases in the Wire EDM module, and Tombstone.

The new “Add Tombstone” function ensures users never overwrite their master tombstone assembly file, referred to as “Seed file.” The originating file is always protected, guarantee-ing that vital information is never overwritten.

The number of components that can be inserted onto the Tombstone is now limitless, reflecting best industry practice. Once inserted, the toolpaths are not only automatically merged, but the enhanced “Closest Next” ordering further economizes the CAM toolpath.

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