Radan 2017 at Mazak Laser Technology Days, June 6-8 in Illinois

Radan 2017 at Mazak Laser Technology Days, June 6-8 in Illinois Radan 2017, the latest release of Vero Software’s robust CAD/CAM sheet-metal solution, will be exhibited June 6-8 at Mazak Laser Technology Days, hosted at Mazak’s Elgin Technology Center in Elgin, Illinois.

Designed as a showcase for emerging laser-cutting technologies, Mazak Laser Technology Days will include seminars, demonstrations, and exhibits that delve into the present benefits of laser cutting, as well as trends for future development. A highlight of the event will be Mazak’s OPTIPLEX DDL laser-cutting system, which is unique in that it utilizes a direct-diode laser. Faster cutting speeds and improved edge quality are among the benefits of direct-diode laser technology.

Attendees will also be given the opportunity to see Radan at work firsthand, and to speak with knowledgeable Radan staff about how to make the software work for them.

In Radan 2017, Radmanager’s ability to manage both 2D and 3D engineering of parts is the precursor to an entirely new upcoming engineering system for any type of parts, including 5-axis laser-cut sheet metal, tubes, flat, and bent parts. This 3D engineering of parts is becoming increasingly important. It will enable manufacturers to break assemblies down from CAD systems and into their parts to fully understand everything about them.

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