Radan to host User Group Meeting May 16 in Indiana

Radan to host User Group Meeting May 16 in Indiana A user group meeting for customers of the powerful Radan sheet-metal solution, by Vero Software, will be hosted on May 16 in Indianapolis, Indiana.   

This educational meeting is designed to help customers fully utilize the tools within Radan 2017, and to offer the opportunity to see firsthand how the software solves real-world challenges. The meetings also offer customers the chance to have questions answered by Radan product experts and to network with industry peers.

“Our user group meetings are an opportunity to meet and connect with customers face-to-face, and to show them how Radan can help them to make immediate, time-saving changes on the shop floor,” said Doug Wood, Radan General Manager, Americas.

The meeting will take place at the Modern Machinery Company facility in Indianapolis, where Radan will demonstrate the new Logistic Suite of products, including Radquote and the order management tools included with Radmanager.

In Radan 2017, the ability to manage both 2D and 3D engineering of parts is the precursor to an entirely new upcoming engineering system for any type of parts, including 5-axis laser-cut sheet metal, tubes, flat, and bent parts. This 3D engineering of parts is becoming increasingly important. It will enable manufacturers to break assemblies down from CAD systems into individual parts to fully understand everything about them.  

Acknowledged as one of the world’s leading PC-based CAD/CAM solutions for the sheet-metal industry, Radan offers a unique combination of applications for punching, profiling, bending, nesting, designing, and production management.

As part of the Vero Software Group, Radan is a well-established, market-leading provider of applications essential to the design and manufacture of sheet metal components and products.

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