Radan Radimport available in Russian

Radan Radimport available in Russian

Dreambird has just completed translation of Radimport – a specific module for file batch procession for further usage in other Radan modules, into Russian language.

Radimport’s Russian interface is now available for users, starting from Radan 2016 R2, version 34.1.12.

Radimport is an independent Radan module for preparation and loading of geometry files of third party formats (dwg, dxf, etc) in Radan for further editing and nesting – effective part allocation on the sheet achieving maximum material usage.

Earlier Dreambird completed the Russian translation of Radan’s bending module Radbend(available starting from Radan 2015 R2, version 4.1.0). In the meantime, translation of all the other Radan’s interfaces into Russian is approaching its end and will be available soon.

Having a Russian interface, Radan will become more accessible and easy to understand for a much wider range of users. Radan in Russian will also help to cut down the personnel expenses and shorten the learning curve.

Radan is acknowledged as one of the world's leading PC based CAD CAM software solutions for the Sheet Metal Cutting industry. It offers a unique combination of applications for Punching, Profiling, Bending, Design and Production Management for Sheet Metal Fabrication.

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