Latest VISI Release Addresses Springback Puzzle

Latest VISI Release Addresses Springback Puzzle The latest release of VISI, Vero Software’s specialist mold and die solution, delivers a number of user experience enhancements and addresses an issue that is often neglected…but which can have an important effect on the final shape of a formed sheet metal component.

When the sheet metal part is removed from the die, and the forming forces released, material elasticity will cause the part geometry to experience springback. The new Springback prediction functionality in VISI 2017 R2 is designed to reduce the time and cost of a typical trial and error approach to solving this long-standing industry issue.

VISI Brand Manager Massimo Vergerio says: “Springback can make it difficult to control the part’s final dimensions. The new prediction tool starts from the nominal part, material data and blank calculation, generating a second mesh of the product’s geometry after springback. The designer can then achieve a morphing on the surface with the relative compensation tool, which generates the required compensated surface, producing the accurate die faces for the required sheet metal part.”

Find more information and a video on the page dedicated to the latest version of VISI 2017 R2.

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