The smart, high-performance CNC machining verification / simulation software experience

NCSIMUL MACHINE is the high end CNC simulation software module of NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS for G-code verification, machine simulation and toolpath optimization. It detects NC programming errors and any potential collisions from the same NC code that drives the CNC machine.

With over 20 years of R&D, the NCSIMUL G-code verification technology has become a combination of the highest performance simulation software available on the market and the standard for "ease of use" in today's software offerings.

Available for turning, drilling, milling (3 to 5 axis), multi-tasking or even more complex machining, NCSIMUL MACHINE is the most advanced machining verification software for simulating, verifying and optimizing CNC programs. Based on the real characteristics of your CNC machine, the result is a dynamic verification software that includes the exact environment for all machines, tools and materials.

While the practical interface demonstrates CNC collision detection using crisp 3D graphics in real time, the powerful attributes of the software provide optimization of cutting tool feeds and speeds to reduce the parts' cycle time.

Collaboration in the workshop is also possible thanks to an embedded function that generates CNC technical documents, which can be shared and reviewed, along with the simulation, on NCSIMUL player.

NCSIMUL MACHINE is available as a standalone software, scalable to your needs. It facilitates your CNC verification process and tightly integrates your IT system through CAD/CAM interfaces. One of the key benefits, for example, is that any existing CAM data can be seamlessly imported into the software, eliminating the need to rebuild tool libraries.

If your company runs CNC machines, such as 5-axis or more complex machines, seriously consider NCSIMUL MACHINE to save time and money with better quality results:


  • You experience collisions
  • You spend too many hours running the program block-by-block
  • You waste time air cutting
  • You break costly tools, spindles & other machine fixtures


  • Safe and collision-free machining
  • Avoid CNC downtime
  • Prove out G-Codes on your computer before machining
  • Optimize your toolpaths
  • Run your machines unattended

CNC program analysis

  • G-code decoding (5 to 10 MB/min) supporting structured programs, variables, cycles, macro calls, with an unlimited choice of commercially available NC controllers
  • Tool path preview before simulation; rapid first level analysis (incorrect program origin, etc.)
  • Automatic detection of programming errors (G-code syntax, out-of-range motion, compensation errors, etc.)
  • Integrated G-code program editor for on-line modification
  • Precise and reliable estimations of cycle times

Material removal and machine simulation

  • Material removal on a solid model for all types of machining
  • Total simulation of the «machine-part pair» with detection of all collision types in a single process
  • Detection of machining errors (rapid motion, spindle stopped, part marked, etc.)
  • 3D viewing operations (rotate, zoom, pan) independent of program size, or the complexity of the part or program
  • Probing

Dimensional analysis

  • Dimensional analysis of the part (thickness, point coordinates, curvature, drilling, internal turning diameter, list of points, etc.)
  • Quick, precise comparison between the machined part and the original CAD model
  • Dynamic 3D cross-section and exported 2D cross-section

Analysis and optimization of cutting conditions

  • Analysis of cutting parameters for each section in a block
  • Generation of alarm logs based on user-defined criteria (e.g.: maximum cut depth, etc.)
  • Optimization of approach and retract motion (air cutting reduction)
  • Optimization of cutting parameters according to the tool-material pair
  • Display of the tool path based on feeds
  • Graphic comparison between the initial program and the optimized program
  • Rewriting of the G-code program based on optimal feeds and spindle rotations to be used during machining
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