Real-time machine status monitoring software

NCSIMUL MONITOR returns machine status, either manually from the NC console or automatically. It delivers native support for OPC, the international interoperability standard for industrial automation.

This means that a machine's status can be reported in real time with details of output, failures, downtime, setups, etc. This data can be used to generate activity reports in table or graph form to enable specific situations to be analyzed and more efficient production planning. Status reporting also enables the execution of quality scenarios and more sophisticated supervision processes. Interfaced with an ERP or Production Management package providing links to work/planned orders, the module provides feedback on productivity rates (OEE*, ORR*, EIRR*) in a single click.

* Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Overall Rate of Return (ORR), Economic Internal Rate of Return (EIRR).


  • Errors caused by manual actions appear in the NC program
  • You spend too much time transferring your NC programs to your CNC machines
  • Changes you make to your programs are not traceable
  • You use multiple systems to transfer your CNC programs
  • The NC program uploaded was not the right version


  • Machine status monitoring, in real time, with details of outputs, failures, downtime, setup, etc.
  • Increase machine productivity
  • Ease of use

Real-time machine status monitoring

  • Machine / workshop productivity monitoring in real time (output, failure, downtime, setups, etc.)
  • Automatic activity report generation to enable specific situation to be analyzed and more efficient production planning
  • Status reporting also enables execution of quality scenarios and more sophisticated supervision processes
  • Single-click access to productivity rates (OEE, ORR, EIRR) via the ERP interface
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