Automatic generation of technical documents for the workshop.

NCdoc is a tool that creates instruction sheets dedicated to CNC operators and is integrated in NCSIMUL MACHINE. CNC Operators as well as workshop stakeholders can access all the instruction sheets, right next to their machines, in real-time synchronization with the current machining cycle through NCSIMUL Player Synchro.

NCdoc allows to :

  • Quickly generate and edit the technical sheets needed by CNC operators
  • Ensure a reliable manufacturing process without misinterpretation
  • Benefit from 3D technologies used by CAM programmers : machining simulation that integrates tools parameters, G-code and its virtual machine environment
  • Going further into the technical documentation process, SPRING Technologies offers a global solution regarding the technical content publication process with NCSIMUL PUBLISHER.

Tool sheets: tool characteristics

  • Identifier
  • List of components
  • List of settings
  • 3D tool visuals

Process sheets: description of machining process

  • Clamp assembly
  • Spindle speed, feed rate and tool compensation data

Instruction sheets: customization based on user needs

  • Description of actions (machine stops)
  • Machining history
  • Operation check list

Control sheets : definition of dimensional checks

  • Measurement type
  • Localization
  • Nominal values
  • Associated tolerance

  • Edit and publish your technical data sheets in one click (self-checks, tools, etc.)
  • Use standard documents to enhance communication between services
  • Access all technical data sheets linked to your current NC program in real time
  • With clear, up-to-date instructions, reduce the risk of errors (accurate dimensional information) during machining
  • Smart wizard for data sheet editing: automated input, automatic collection of machining simulation data (3D, cycle time, cutting conditions, etc.)
  • Life cycle management for technical data sheets (version, release, change history, etc.)
  • Predefined, customizable document library in corporate format
  • Real-time synchronization of technical data sheets via NCSIMUL Player
  • Access from your touch tablet or PC
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