Dreambird at Global Reseller Conference 2019 in Spain

Dreambird at Global Reseller Conference 2019 in Spain

On April 8-11, Hexagon Global Reseller Conference, an annual Hexagon event for CAD/CAM software resellers and distributors, took place in Barcelona, Spain. A total of 269 independent specialists from around the world got together to find out about the most recent achievements of the teams and new developments in the software products. 

Overall, this event was also especially significant since it is the first one after Vero Software officially went under Hexagon branding and became Hexagon Production Software.


RADAN, a CAD/CAM solution for sheet metal manufacturing and logistics showed its development roadmap for version 2020. Radquote costing solution has been redesigned, updated so that no other market players now offer this set of functionality. Another very significant factor is that from now on RADAN will be based on SQL Express database which is another grand step towards easier integration into ERP systems. Hexagon Production Software looks into the future where all the software products will be based on this platform, forming a common database for all the Hexagon software solutions that a customer is using.

In the next version, EDGECAM continues to develop its functionality for additive manufacturing, demonstrating even more powerful toolpaths and strategies for DED method machines. Advancing towards the future is also supported by VISI software for mould and die industries with its reverse engineering functionality.

In June 2018 Hexagon acquired SPRING Technologies, whose NCSIMUL optimizes the machining workflow from CNC programming to CNC simulation, managing cutting and tool libraries, real time machine monitoring and technical content publication. Machining simulation is essential to connecting the physical world with the digital and achieving autonomy – both of which are prerequisites to delivering smart factory solutions. Large-scale strategic development of many of the Hexagon software products involve inclusion of NCSIMUL features.

Broadening its software products portfolio, in the nearest time Dreambird will start offering NCSIMUL to its customers, in order to strengthen their power as manufacturers.

As every year, several awards were presented for companies demonstrating the best performance in distribution of the software products. Among many others, this year Dreambird, for the first time, also received an award for continuous development of RADAN sales. Continuous development means stability in achieving one of the main Dreambird's target of bringing the technological innovations to manufacturing in CIS and Baltic region.

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