Radan on Metal-Expo forum in Moscow on November 8-11th

Radan on Metal-Expo forum in Moscow on November 8-11th

Radan’s dealer M-TECK Ltd demonstrated Radan - the total CAD/CAM solution for sheet metal processing and WebQuote – a related online service for order calculation, on the international Metal-Expo 2016 forum which is taking place in Moscow’s VDNKh exhibition centre on November 8-11th.

The Metal-Expo 2016 event brings together leading steel companies, producers of tubes and pipes, wires and cables, ferrous and non-ferrous products, steel products suppliers, steel services centres as well as metal constructors, oil and gas companies, engineers – over 500 participants from 34 countries of the world.

The visitors can see the whole range of ferrous and non-ferrous products, the most state-of-the-art equipment, and solutions for the post-crisis industry development. Metal-Expo’2016 will become the market barometer showing possible growing points.

M-TECK Ltd, a Radan dealer based in Moscow, held a seminar dedicated to presentation of WebQuote – an online-based Radan sheet metal order calculation service, yet unknown in Russia and CIS countries.

Radan WebQuote – an online-based Radan sheet metal manufacturing orders calculation service, which enables the customer to quickly calculate manufacturing costs and lead-times. WebQuote is an integral part of the Radan distributor’s website, so it’s possible to accumulate the most recent information any time and prepare the quotations, offers and tenders.

In the meantime, WebQuote is available for Dutch and German markets only, but Vero Software representatives that operate on Russian, CIS and Baltic markets, are now hosting a series of its presentations for the existing and potential customers, trying to clarify, if there will be a demand for such service there. In case of obtaining a positive feedback, an adaptation of WebQuote for the market specifics and translation onto Russian will be scheduled.

M-TECK is a supplier of sheet and profile metal processing machinery and industrial manufacturing automation solutions, also providing maintenance of everything mentioned. Since 2015 it is an exclusive supplier of Han’s Laser machines for sheet and profile lazer cutting and dealer of Vero Software products (Radan and PartXplore) in Russia.   

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