Free Webinar about nesting of sheet metal parts in RADAN CAD/CAM-system

Free Webinar about nesting of sheet metal parts in RADAN CAD/CAM-system

A free webinar dedicated to “Batch processing and automatic nesting of sheet metal parts in RADAN CAD/CAM-system” will take place on August 26th 2016, 11:00 MSK.

We will demonstrate technics and methods that will enable sheet metal parts manufacturers to increase their sheet usage ratio and to use sheets in a more rational way, increasing the company profit. Also you will see industrial automation solutions from our partner company, Rena Solutions.

Dreambird highly evaluates RADAN’s technical capabilities and its specialized modules Radnest and Radimport, stating that its automatic nesting function is the best on the market, comparing to similar functions of competitors’solutions.

By using Radnest and Radimport you can expect to produce more components from less material in less time, the efficiencies gained have a significant effect on profit enabling you to manufacture parts from material that would have previously been in the scrap bin.

The webinar is designated for sheet metal manufacturing specialists of all kinds – managers, technologists, designers, machine operators.

Webinar is taking place om August 26th, 11:00 MSK.

Language: Russian

The webinar successfully occurred on August 26th with a great interest demonstrated by sheet metal processing industry professionals. We are planning webinar series in the nearest future, and the news about them will follow.

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