Vero Software Reseller Conference 2017

Vero Software Reseller Conference 2017 On April 10-12th, 2017, Dreambird company and its dealers from Russia took part in the annual event for Vero Software resellers and distributors in Mallorca, Spain.

The annual Vero Conference is the largest event where participants from different divisions of Vero Software and Hexagon group companies share their knowledge about new technology developments, industrial software market tendencies and research results. Also, various seminars, training sessions and presentations are held.

The major new releases (2017 R2) of Radan, VISI, Edgecam, WorkNC CAD/CAM/CAE software solutions, and WorkXplore CAD viewer, will be issued in mid-May of 2017. Apart from two major releases each year, Vero Software will also be issuing quarterly software updates containing minor fixes and improvements.

Radan CAD/CAM 2017 R2 will feature some improvements in terms of module usage convenience and user interface in general, fixing of earlier imperfections and further enhancements of manufacturing management and logistics module Radmanager. Next releases, as planned, will focus on continuous integration of Radan modules in a single environment and improvements of user experience.

Since Vero Software is a member of technological Hexagon Metrology group, many solutions that were developed by other group members, are now implemented in Vero Software products. CAD/CAM Edgecam for mill-turn and multi-axis operations, along with m&h probe support and measuring cycles, now supports the Hexagon Metrology inspection software — PCDMIS and NC Gage. VISI software package for mould and die design and manufacturing will feature reverse engineering and 3D printing technologies.

As Dreambird representatives assume, participation in annual Vero Conferences is the key to obtaining new information about all the software products, about Vero Software in general. It allows to share their experience with peers, learn new things and therefore provide the best service to the customers, responding to their requirements.

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