Successful Vero Software demonstration at Tech Industry 2018

Successful Vero Software demonstration at Tech Industry 2018

Last week, from November 29th to December 1st, a successful industrial trade fair Tech Industry 2018 took place in Riga, Latvia. It can be designated as a biggest Baltic event dedicated to the newest machinery, metalworking, automation, electronics, manufacturing resources and tooling. 

Every year it attracts even more interested visitors and participants from countries of Europe and Asia.


This year, Dreambird showcased the most recent versions of Vero Software CAD/CAM solutions - Radan, Edgecam and VISI. Radan existing customers and users were interested to see any new developments and functionalities that showed up in Radan 2019 R1 and asked questions about its specifics. 

The booth was shared with Italian Machinery Association and featured Euromac punching and bending machines, so the visitors may see how are the parts produced after NC code developed in Radan, and how quickly NC code can be amended if required.


For the first time in some years of participation, there was an Edgecam and VISI expert present at the booth. After many trainings at the software developer's he was now able to introduce the solutions and answer questions. He also had some discussions with potential partners, manufacturers of equipment and tooling participating at the exhibition, about the possibility to supply Edgecam together with their products in the Baltic countries. Some of them already have an experience of partnership with Edgecam in other countries, like Sandvik.


Meusburger, a major Austrian mould and die manufacturer, which is now establishing a Baltic division, looks forward to cooperating with Dreambird and holding joint seminars about their products and VISI solution next year.


Lots of work lays ahead with obtained contacts and offers, which will allow the customers to benefit from the Edgecam's functions together with other manufacturing solutions.

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