EDGECAM’s Additive Machining Demonstration at Mazak Open House

EDGECAM’s Additive Machining Demonstration at Mazak Open House

Mazak says visitors to its latest Open House event were impressed by a showcase demonstration of EDGECAM software programmed on the INTEGREX i-400AM 5-axis Hybrid Multitasking machine tool. The machine was manufacturing a hybrid gear by depositing as well as machining different materials tooth by tooth.

Supporting the Directed Energy Deposition method, EDGECAM now offers a dedicated manufacturing cycle which accurately guides a laser, as it deposits material to form a shape. After the deposition process is complete the shape is machined using EDGECAM’s milling cycles to create the final component. Shapes can be built using almost any milling cycle.

Mazak’s Additive Manufacturing Technical Specialist, Woody Darlington, says the near 500 visitors were particularly impressed with how the seamless switch between depositing material and machining provides an economical, innovative solution, saving material costs, reducing waste and inventory time.

“This process enables parts to be repaired and remanufactured, as well as produces hybrid material components with enhanced performance and longevity. Using EDGECAM on this Mazak machine tool means 5-axis toolpaths can be produced very quickly, saving considerable time for manufacturers.”

The demonstrations showed three different combinations of producing a gear tooth:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Inconel
  • Tungsten Carbide Nickel Matrix
“Combining the Mazak INTEGREX i-400AM machine with EDGECAM CAD/CAM software means end-users have a complete end-to-end solution.”

EDGECAM’s Partner Support Engineer, Simon Beamish, says the Mazak Open House was an ideal showcase to demonstrate how the software’s new hybrid function, which was introduced in the latest release – 2019 R1 – works in partnership with hybrid multi-tasking machine tools.

“The additive lace cycle means EDGECAM accurately guides the laser, depositing material to form the gear tooth shape, after which EDGECAM’s milling cycles created toolpaths to create the final machined tooth.

“Working closely with Mazak gave us the opportunity to fully understand the requirements of their specialist machine, not only from the toolpath build process, but also the Additive.EIA code output. And end-users get the benefit of a one-stop-shop for a hybrid machine tool powered by the market-leading software.”

Wes Tonks, Strategic Partnership Manager for the Production Software business of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, says: “It’s an exciting time with the introduction of this technology. Many applications are being explored, and this gives the industry an opportunity to review existing methods. We have a large global user-base of the EDGECAM product, and this will give those users a seamless transition to this technology.”

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