WorkXplore Now Available Direct From The Web

WorkXplore Now Available Direct From The Web

Vero Software’s powerful 3-D CAD viewer and analyser, WorkXplore, is now available for a free trial download (for 30 days period) and purchase directly from the software’s website. You may purchase it for period of 12 months. The package includes the full WorkXplore capabilities and Advanced Import Pack for importing all the CAD objects. To activate the purchased software you will have to fill an online form, having an internet connection, a valid email address and a valid credit card.

WorkXplore, which can open the native files of Edgecam, VISI and WorkNC, was created to efficiently import and analyse all file types and sizes at high speed. It often takes less than half the time to open a file compared to the original CAD application.

Both novices and experienced users can build virtual unified prototypes or 3D models imported from a wide range of file formats, including Catia, NX, Parasolid, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, STEP, IGES and many more. The software saves the native CAD data in its own lightweight format, meaning manufacturers can carry out tasks such as calculating surface areas and volumes, and measuring thickness, dimensions and angles without requiring the original CAD information.

WorkXplore Product Manager Massimo Vergerio says: “Users don’t have to worry about format compatibility, or what CAD system their customers use. And a stand-alone lightweight application enables users to easily sends 3D parts to colleagues and sub-contractors through the internet, where recipient can immediately display and work on the 3D model.”

The latest version of WorkXplore contains many items of updated functionality, including for its translators - 3D PDF support for mesh writing, JTOpen support for mesh writing and Reader and writer support for MEG files.

It is now possible to write solid and mesh models into the 3D PDF and JTOpen formats, and the resulting files will contain mesh entities. Solid and mesh models can also be exported in the MEG format used by Vero Software’s production machining CAD/CAM solution, Edgecam. In addition, MEG files can be imported into WorkXplore. The translators support most file formats, including DXF/DWG, IGESW, Inventor, Parasolid, SolidWorks, Rhino, Pro/E – Creo, several versions of Catia, and several others.

And now it can be purchased online directly from the WorkXplore website:

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