ISCAR Open House Features EDGECAM and NCSIMUL

ISCAR Open House Features EDGECAM and NCSIMUL

Fully integrated solutions combining cutting tools, machine tools, CAD/CAM and simulation software are being featured in a special Open House series of practical demonstrations.

Tooling supplier ISCAR is hosting the event at Guyancourt, France, on February 5, in partnership with machine tool builder ROMI, and Hexagon’s Production Software specialists. It is the first time the three companies have held an event to demonstrate through live machining demonstrations how their technologies combine to provide a global solution.

A test part is being programmed by Hexagon solution software’s: EDGECAM CAD/CAM to create efficient, reliable toolpaths, combined with NCSMUL MACHINE carrying out a full simulation of the actual G-Code, and NCSIMUL MONITOR for real time machine status monitoring. The part will then be cut in inox steel on a ROMI D1000 3-axis CNC machine using a range of ISCAR’s milling tools such as porcupine cutters.

As well as running the machining demonstrations, technical experts will explain the full processes to delegates, and show how the three separate aspects of machine tools, cutting tools and software integrate seamlessly to form a vital part of Industry 4.0’s ‘Smart Factory’ concept.

EDGECAM’s Technical Manager in France, Patrick Mercier, says the event is the perfect showcase for demonstrating the software’s powerful capabilities, including its technologies and associated processes. “We will also be demonstrating our CNC digital twin solution, NCSIMUL, featuring its capabilities for CNC simulation, toolpath optimisation, and real-time machine status monitoring.

ISCAR Open House, 8 rue Georges Guynemer, Guyancourt (France), February 5th

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