EDGECAM & NCSIMUL at Discover More on May 14-16 in Connecticut

EDGECAM & NCSIMUL at Discover More on May 14-16 in Connecticut

EDGECAM and NCSIMUL deliver the power and flexibility to increase efficiency, harness the power of Mazak CNC machinery, and deliver unparalleled part quality.

The efficiency-boosting capabilities of EDGECAM and NCSIMUL will be exhibited May 14-16 at Discover More with Mazak Northeast™, to be hosted at the Mazak Northeast Technology Center in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

Mazak machinery will be exhibited, and attendees will have the opportunity to see several machine tools in action during live cutting demonstrations.

A number of new and enhanced features in the latest release of EDGECAM provide increased productivity for both milling and turning users. The introduction of a 5-axis ‘Tilt’ control strategy, combined with a ‘Barrel Cutter’ option, is a significant enhancement available with EDGECAM 2020.0. Barrel cutters, one of the fastest tools utilized in 5-axis machining, are now fully supported in the EDGECAM Toolstore.

NCSIMUL 2020.0 includes new and enhanced functionality that enables users to execute tasks for existing projects on a remote server. Based on client/server scheduler architecture, the latest version of NCSIMUL’s machining module includes new automation functionality that gives the user wider control of their jobs on other devices by communicating with distant servers.

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