Hexagon MI at Northwest Machine Tool Expo 2019 at May 8-9 in Oregon

Hexagon MI at Northwest Machine Tool Expo 2019 at May 8-9 in Oregon

The power and versatility of EDGECAM, SURFCAM, WORKNC and NCSIMUL, by the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Production Software business, will be featured May 8-9 at Northwest Machine Tool Expo 2019 in Portland, Oregon.

As the premier manufacturing industry event of the Pacific Northwest, the Northwest Machine Tool Expo is an ideal regional platform for seeing the latest time-saving technologies, receiving expert guidance, and networking with industry peers.

Visitors to the expo are encouraged to learn more about EDGECAM, SURFCAM and WORKNC at booth No. 1126, where demonstrations of the latest time-saving tools and features available with each solution will be presented.

To support the expanding practice of hybrid manufacturing, the latest releases of EDGECAM and SURFCAM include Additive Machining modules. The solutions deliver dedicated manufacturing cycles that accurately guide lasers as they deposit material to form shapes. The formed shapes are then machined using milling cycles in EDGECAM and SURFCAM to create final components.

The latest release of WORKNC enables users to break free from tool-shape constraints, slashing cycle times by up to 74 percent. Among improvements in the addition of a Z-Level machining pattern to the solution’s existing Advanced Toolform technology, which allows for tool shapes, such as barrels, ovals, and parabolics to be calculated over part surfaces, including negative allowances.

NCSIMUL 2020.0 includes new and enhanced functionality that enables users to execute tasks for existing projects on a remote server.

Based on client/server scheduler architecture, the latest version of NCSIMUL’s machining module includes new automation functionality that gives the user wider control of their jobs on other devices by communicating with distant servers.

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