Radan at Technishow 2018 in Utrecht on March 20-23

Radan at Technishow 2018 in Utrecht on March 20-23

Radan CAD/CAM for sheet metal fabrication will be on TechniShow 2018 event in Utrecht, the Netherlands, to show its latest developments in the area of ​​CAD/CAM, MRP and calculation for sheet metal. TechniShow presents you the largest and most complete platform for the manufacturing industry in the Benelux. Here you will find innovations, demos, presentations, workshops and themed routes in the field of industrial production techniques, processing and processing of metals and plastics and accessories and tools.

WebQuote portal

The Radan WebQuote portal offers suppliers the opportunity to have their customers make their own offers for cutting and lace based on 2D and 3D CAD data. Small start-ups as well as global steel companies offer a quotation service based on the Radan WebQuote portal. WebQuote is constantly evolving. In the past year, major steps have been taken in the area of ​​additional calculations for, for example, deburring or transport. Also, previews are made of the results of 3D files and the geometry is better checked before a calculation is made, so that there is less disruption for the customer.


The basis of every CAM system is optimizing material consumption and machine capacity. That is why Radan invested a lot in improving the nesting algorithms in the 2018R1 release. Where previously the nesting result was optimized per sheet, the new nest algorithms optimized the total nest assignment. This results in an average improvement of 4% on the material compared to the already very successful previous version. At 1,000 tons of steel per year you save quickly € 35,000. This means that the investment in a Radan system is already more than double-paid.

In addition to the improved nesting result, the creation and management of offcuts has also been greatly improved. Using smart parameters, it is possible to determine p which shape and minimum dimensions the residual pieces may have, for each type of material/sheet thickness. The result here is also less waste and better usable residuals.

Offline bending programming

During the TechniShow there will also be a lot of attention for the Radbend CAM system for offline programming of press brakes. Radan offers the unique possibility to control almost every brand and type of press brake in its own machine format.

The automatic programming of multiple parts in combination with Order Manager has been extended with the possibility of generating a program for each part for multiple press brakes. This gives the maximum flexibility on the work floor.


The TechniShow is also an important event for Radan to recruit new employees. Due to the continuing success Radan wants to continue to grow in the Netherlands. Radan has very ambitious plans and is looking for motivated employees to realize this ambition. Currently there are several vacancies for Helpdesk Engineers, Support Engineers and Software Developers.

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