Radan resellers come together on EUROBLECH 2016

Radan resellers come together on EUROBLECH 2016

On October 25-29, one of the greatest exhibitions in the sheet metal processing industry, EUROBLECH 2016, took place in Hannover for the 24th time, with many participants and exhibitors from all over the world joining the event. This year, Radan’s booth united representatives of the reseller companies from the USA, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Latvia (region of Russia, Baltic and CIS countries).

During all the exhibition week, they were meeting their existing and potential countries from all over the world and demonstrated Radan’s functions and features, showed what’s new in Radan 2017, answered questions and assisted with issues in Radan and its modules.

New development of Radan 2017 included several updates of Radmanager – a logistics module that controls all the process from receiving the client’s order until delivery of the completed parts. Radmanager is fully integrated in Radan’ s design and production modules and uses their data for keeping the order status information up-to-date in real time. Next releases will feature the renewed Radquote module as part of Radmanager. As the Vero Software representatives say, Radmanager was created as a response for the clients’ feedback and their vision of a complete order processing system. Nowadays, the client needs something more, than just a set of standalone programs that solve different production issues.

Reseller representatives also had an opportunity to see the WebQuote interface that is now active for German and Dutch markets only. A further adaptation of WebQuote to other regions ‘markets is planned next year. Using WebQuote, a client can upload a drawing or 3D model in the system and quickly obtain cost and delivery time for production of his order with Radan.

There were in total 105 clients leads received, with majority coming from Germany and Holland (65). The invaluable cooperation of Radan reseller representatives from different countries allowed them to learn many new things from each other, share the client and Radan experience, get to know new ideas and specifics of working on different markets.


Radan is acknowledged as one of the world's leading CAD/CAM software solutions for the Sheet Metal industry. It offers a unique combination of applications for Punching, Profiling, Bending, Design and Production Management for Sheet Metal Fabrication.

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