Vero and Hexagon MI to Collaborate at French Open House in Colomiers

Vero and Hexagon MI to Collaborate at French Open House in Colomiers
Global CAD/CAM provider, Vero Software, will join up with parent company Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) to host a two-day Open House in Colomiers, France, giving professionals from the region the chance to take part in various workshops showcasing the latest technologies.

During the Open House, which takes place on the 2nd and 3rd of June, visitors will be able to discover the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Global Process which allows both Hexagon's products and Vero’s CAD/CAM software to work in unison.

Two parts will be machined with Edgecam; the CAM Turn/Mill production application from Vero Software. The first, an impeller and the second, a turned part, will demonstrate the ease of use, precision and machining quality offered by the Global Process.

The Impeller project - The different steps to obtain high precision machining:
-    Complete scan of the part with a measuring arm and a laser scanner
-    Recovery of the points cloud in PC-Dmis
-    Import into 3D Reshapers
-    Generation of an IGES surface file
-    High precision machining of the impeller with Edgecam.

The Turned Part - Ease of use and machining quality:
-    Scan with a 3D Measuring Machine or a measuring arm.
-    Measurement and recovery of the silhouette profile
-    Generation of a rotational shape corresponding to the turned part.
-    Simple machining process of the turned part with Edgecam.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet the different product specialists over lunch as well as the chance to talk about specific projects with Vero’s Sales Engineer for the South West Region, M.Pierre Augustin, in order to acquire more in-depth knowledge on their activities.

Edgecam is a production oriented CAM solution for multi-axis
turning and milling as well as wire EDM, allowing efficient and
comprehensive use of multifunction machines. The Edgecam User Interface
is modern, easy to use and quick to learn.

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