Vero Software eyes Indian market

Vero Software eyes Indian market

Vero Software, a CAM/CAD software firm bought by Hexagon in 2014, is aiming to become the top player in the segment in India. The firm, which is a top-5 in the country now, is opening centres in Chennai, Delhi and Bengaluru with small teams to the business there.

The company, which has 24 employees now in India, will add 12 more by next year as it eyes more manufacturing activity as the ‘Make in India’ campaign gathers momentum, said Steve Sivitter, Chief Executive Officer of Vero Software.

Addressing a press conference here, he said India held a great promise as its GDP rates were expected to grow over 7 per cent while other countries poised to grow at lower rates.

With over 600 employees globally, the England-based company is targeting to close this financial year with annual sales of €110 million against €98 last year.

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