Vero Software European Reseller Conference 2016

Vero Software European Reseller Conference 2016

On May 23rd-25th 2016, Vero Software hosted its annual Reseller Conference in Europe. This time the event was held in Munich, Germany.

The conference provides an opportunity to see the latest product features, offer the users’ input into future developments, share the reseller success and network with other industry representatives. The participants were also offered a Group Gala Dinner, a tour of The Bräustüberl Brewery and a visit to one of the world’s leading car companies.

Dreambird team also took part in the event, using this unique opportunity to contact the industry peers, discuss various issues and share the experience. Many new contacts were acquired and partnership opportunities discussed.

Among other interesting presentations, showcasing new functionalities and developments of Vero products, sessions of Radan team turned out to be the most interesting. The participants could see the brand new Radan’s logistics module, Radmanager, that turns the customer’s data into manufacturable nests. Vero Software is looking forward to creating a completely new, logistics-oriented concept in Radan 2017, with Radmanager serving as a core point.

About Radmanager

Radmanager is a simple way of entering your customer order data and turning it into nest projects within Radan. This enables parts from different customer orders to be combined into one nest project in order to maximize efficiency and material usage.

Benefits include:

  • Easy creation of nests for multiple orders, maximizing efficiency and sheet utilization
  • Management of customer orders through the nest production process
  • Eliminate sheet remnants without losing track of quantities to nest
  • Direct links with Radan CAD/CAM
  • Communication with existing ERP systems increases speed and accuracy
  • Defaults minimize user input during nest project creation

About Radan

Acknowledged as one of the world’s leading PC-based CAD/CAM solutions for the sheet-metal industry, Radan offers a unique combination of applications for punching, profiling, bending, nesting, designing, and production management.

As part of the Vero Software Group, Radan is a well-established, market-leading provider of applications essential to the design and manufacture of sheet metal components and products.

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