VISI And Italian Manufacturers To Feature At SamuMetal Feb 1-3

VISI And Italian Manufacturers To Feature At SamuMetal Feb 1-3 VISI’s Italian reseller, Vero Solutions Srl, will be displaying the software at the forthcoming SamuMetal Exhibition in Italy, focusing on the 2.5-Axis Pocketing Strategy.

SamuMetal is described as a unique event for the tools and technologies aspect of the metalworking industry. It runs from February 1-3 at Pordenone, Italy and will feature demonstrations from many CAD/CAM, engineering and metalworking equipment manufacturers from Italy and other countries of the world. Among a wide range of Italian manufacturers, there will be industry leaders like Euromac - manufacturer of punching machines and press brakes, and Modula - automatic storage systems manufacturer.

Nicoletta Gianotti, from Vero Solutions, says it is the ideal trade fair to showcase VISI, in particular its pocketing functionality.

“Visitors to Hall 6, booth 23_B will see how it improves toolpath quality, optimizes the toolpath on open features, and allows machining from a stock model. When the stock model is defined, the Pocketing Strategy can identify the areas where it’s necessary to remove the material and adapt the toolpath to produce passes only when they’re needed.”

Based on the Pocketing Strategy, the recently-introduced Re-machining Strategy also uses the same enhancements. “Rest area recognition is achieved automatically, based on the reference options. And a residual stock algorithm is used for both 2D and 3D operations along with the Dynamic Incremental Stock Command, ensuring consistent toolpath quality regardless of the operation type.”

And she says VISI now gives high speed machining with its 2.5-Axis Waveform Strategy, which was only previously available in 3D Roughing. This maintains a constant tool cutting load, constant cutting feed rate, and a smooth toolpath which avoids sharp changes in direction.

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