Participation in manufacturing solution tenders

Dreambird is ready to participate in tenders and bidding for purchasing of manufacturing automation solutions, equipment and machine tools, etc.

Our experience of participation in tenders and bidding together with the well-known equipment brands suppliers enables us to offer CAD/CAM/CAE/ Vero Software solutions (Radan, Edgecam, WorkXplore, VISI, WorkNC) for tenders – we can be sure in their highest quality, flexibility and ease of use.

Planning your bid for a manufacturing solution tender, please consider the following CAD/CAM/CAE solutions that we can offer:

  • Radan – CAD/CAM system for sheet metal processing (punching, bending, profiling, nesting, 5-axis, design, process management);

  • Edgecam – CAM system for NC part programming in milling, turning, mill-turn, EDM, 4-5-axis environment;

  • VISI – a specialized PC-based software solution for the Mould & Die industries;

  • WorkNC - automatic CNC software for 2 to 5-axis manufacturing of the most complicated parts;

  • WorkXplore – the most powerful, full-featured high-speed, 3D CAD file viewer and analyser.

Our aim is to meticulously follow the conditions of tenders and bidding, evaluating the offers, and stay impartial while participating.

If you want to invite Dreambird to participate in a tender, please fill in the form below, write us and e-mail or send us a technical specification on

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