Postprocessor development

Postprocessor – a program module, designated for transforming the CAM system-generated toolpath into a CAM-program for a certain CNC lathe, considering its kinematic specifics.

For obtaining a machining program for CNC lathe, part geometry is analyzed during the engineering and design stage. Furthermore, the engineer employs a CAM system for the program creation. The CAM system generates a file containing all the required data about the tool path and position, defining cutting modes and other technological parameters. Then the post processor uses the data for generating the program for a certain CNC lathe.

Experience in postprocessor development enables our company’s engineers to prepare an accurate postprocessor for your machine and tune it afterwards.We develop postprocessors for Vero Software products: Radbend - Radan's sheet metal bending module, and Edgecam CAD/CAM solution for milling, turning and multi-axis CNC metalworking, following the customer's requirements and manufacturing processes.

The postprocessor creation process consists of 2 stages: developing a postprocessor and tuning it directly on the machine. We can develop a postprocessor without visiting the customer, if all the machine documentation is provided, but the postprocessor tuning, in most cases, requires presence of the engineer in person on the client’s manufacturing site.

In case of a necessity of any further updates and corrections of the postprocessor later, it will be performed in terms of the warranty agreement.

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