CAM software buy-off

If a CAM solution you once installed and used on your manufacturing facilities became obsolete, or your processes and capacities changed so that it does not satisfy your requirements any longer, we can buy it and install Radan or Edgecam CAD/CAM solutions from Vero Software instead – the one which is most suitable for the equipment that you have, the product life cycle and the operators’ experience.

For a solution acquired as a result of buy-off, we also offer a special price for the license, training and support. The CAM software system buy-off and the special price is available for licensed users of any CAD/CAM solutions:

  • for sheet metal fabrication: TruTops, Dr.ABE, BySoft, NC Express, Mazak Smart System, Техтран, JETCAM
  • for milling and turning: Mastercam, SprutCAM, ESPRIT CAM, ГеММа-3D, Техтран

For all the software packages acquired after the buy-off, all the standard technical support conditions apply. Please fill the form below to receive an individually calculated commercial offer for trade-in of your existing CAD/CAM solution.

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