Technical Support

Dreambird piedāvā klientiem iespēju saņemt tehnisko atbalstu un palīdzību programmnodrošinājuma lietošanā. To veic mūsu pieredzējošā, vairākkart apmacītā tehniskā atbalsta komanda.Dreambird offers full technical support and assistance, performed by our well-trained and certified support team.

All the regular software updates, new functionality patch installations or system re-installations are also included in the support agreement.
Via TeamViewer, our technical support specialist can:

  • Answer user questions
  • Troubleshoot a software case, fix an issue and advice a solution
  • Explain software features, options, functionalities and specifics, as well as provide code generation tips for a certain manufacturing operation
  • Study the current PC settings and recommend what can be optimized for achieving the best performance
  • If required, assist with re-installation of the current software version.

Starting from 2018 R1 release, Team Viewer is built into RADAN and EDGECAM and does not require any download and installation.

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