SURFCAM TRADITIONAL’s 2 Axis system is the most cost effective, high performance CAM package with a robust library of toolpath strategies.

For the ultimate roughing power, add on the the TRUEMill option to provide you with increased material remove rates by up to 5X while extending the life of the cutting tool.

Product highlights include:

  • Rough and finish cavities with multiple island heights
  • Machine features with straight or tapered side walls
  • Advanced strategies for Face, Groove, Chamfer and Corner Round milling
  • Support for 4 & 5 Axis rotary indexing and high speed machining
  • Thread milling for single point, multi point and tapered thread mills with helical entry & exit
  • Advanced multi-tool Hole Processing with intelligent pattern sorting
  • Full Verification and Backplot functionality
  • Customizable Tool and Material libraries
  • Optional 2 Axis TRUEMill roughing strategy
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