SURFCAM TRADITIONAL’s 3 Axis system provides the combination of powerful functionality coupled with ease of use.

SURFCAM TRADITIONAL delivers efficient, reliable toolpaths on even the most complex of surface geometry. SURFCAM TRADITIONAL’s 3 Axis high-speed machining strategies feature fast processing, minimal rapid moves and optimized tool motion all of which provide the highest quality surface finishes.

Product highlights include:

  • All the features of the SURFCAM TRADITIONAL 2 Axis system
  • High-speed optimized roughing and finishing strategies that feature smooth, fluid toolpaths that reduce the load on tools and machines
  • Fast processing using newly developed algorithms, taking advantage of multiple processors to provide efficient calculations on complex part geometry
  • High-speed linking which reduces overall cycle time and optimizes machine motion by minimizing rapid moves and eliminating abrupt changes in direction
  • Full gouge protection and toolpath containment options that provide precize control over what is machined and what is avoided
  • Unparalleled surface finishes that increase productivity by reducing secondary machining processes
  • Tapered tool support with full gouge avoidance
  • Automatic arc fitting which reduces g-code and improve surface finishes
  • Optional 3 Axis TRUEMill roughing strategy
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