SURFCAM TRADITIONAL offers true simultaneous 4 & 5 Axis machining with full tool motion visualization and verification.

Precize control is achieved over every aspect of multi-axis machining ensuring safe tool motion for even the most challenging applications. The 4 & 5 Axis system provides support for all standard tools with collision checking, gouge avoidance, toolpath containment – and more.

4/5 Axis Product Highlights Include:

  • Full simultaneous 4 and 5 Axis multi-surface machining
  • Complete tool and shank collision protection ensuring safe tool motion in any situation
  • Gouge checking strategies with up to four separate check surface groups
  • Advanced 3D lead-in & lead-out strategies
  • Full control over surface edge, gap and step-over handling
  • Powerful 3D retract options with clearance for planes, cylinders or spheres
  • Advanced vector control for precize tool motion management
  • 4 and 5 Axis drilling capabilities
  • Tool plane locking and limiting for enhanced control in tight situations
  • Full tool motion visualization and verification
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