WORKNC Licences

WORKNC CAD/CAM solutions are offered in a wide range of licences that users can choose, considering the specifics of production processes and requirements:

licences WorNC 2-5-axis machining CAM software

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WORKNC 3 + 2 Axis Finishing. WORKNC has a very wide range of finishing strategies available, providing the complete solution to all finishing job requirements.

WORKNC Viewer Licence

Whether NC programming is done on the shop floor or by a separate programming department, it’s always an advantage when the shop floor is able to load CAM data.

WORKNC 3 + 2 Axis Machining Features. WORKNC can machine from any direction, at any angle, with any toolpath, on any milling machine configuration, making 3+2 machining a straight forward and highly versatile procedure.

WORKNC Editor Licence

In today’s market, efficiency is the lifeblood of competition and manufacturers must reduce production time without sacrificing quality.

WORKNC 5-Axis Machining. WORKNC brings the benefits of 5-Axis machining to all users by taking the complexity out of 5-Axis machining. WORKNC 5-Axis includes powerful, easy-to-use programming and integrated collision avoidance.


The WORKNC CAD license supports the manipulation of CAD data while reducing or eliminating data-management challenges between design and your shop floor.

WORKNC MPM (Multi Part Machining).

WORKNC 2D Licence

2D cutterpaths on curves or surfaces are combined with automatic and manual hole programming functions to provide a complete solution for prismatic parts, or any and all of your hole boring needs.

WORKNC Toolpath Viewer provides machine operators the ability to load, analyze and simulate the CAM programming prior to running it on the mill. They can post process for their mill, but they cannot edit or change a cutterpath. This can provide more information than printed process sheets, allowing for fewer work interruptions later.

WORKNC 2D Positional License

Designed to program simpler geometries, the WORKNC 2D Positional License is a robust module for turning out high-quality parts without sacrificing ease of use.

WORKNC, with its automatic functions and easy to use interface, is an ideal tool for shop floor machining.

WORKNC 3X License

High-end CAM without the high-end price tag, the WORKNC 3X License delivers all of the accurate and reliable WORKNC functionality you need, from roughing to finishing.

WORKNC integrates the WORKNC Robot module for simulating and editing toolpaths in order to control all types of robots. This new module has been designed to control robot cells with up to 15 axes.

WORKNC 3X Positional License

Placing more power in your programming toolbox, the WORKNC 3X Positional License maintains ease of use while offering deeper functionality.

WORKNC contains specialized CAM-oriented CAD functions that can be used prior to programming. Automation tools, such as sequences, can be created to streamline programming.

WORKNC Full 3X License

Going from art to part is easier than ever with the flexible, specialized features in WORKNC. Balancing ease of use with functionality that delivers more power to the programmer, the WORKNC Full 3X License is designed to pack a punch.

WORKNC direct translators are the perfect complement to using WORKNC with native CAD files from other CAD systems.

WORKNC Full License

Including every robust feature offered by WORKNC, the full license is the most powerful programming tool in the WORKNC arsenal.

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