WorkNC 3X Positional License

Placing more power in your programming toolbox, the WorkNC 3X Positional License maintains ease of use while offering deeper functionality.

This license includes all of the time-saving features of the WorkNC 3X License, but is also able to generate seamless 3+2 toolpath. Designed to utilize multi-axis machinery, 3+2 toolpath incorporates 3-axis programs and additional axes created by locking a cutting tool into a tilted position. This view machining function can also be used to maximize your 3-axis machine when you need to unmount and reposition the job on the table.

Additional features of this license include the ability to create multiple machine contexts, as well as the use of 3D stock models automatically updated and saved at various points throughout the programming process.

WorkNC 3X Positional License

Features at a glance:

  • Ability to use all features of the WorkNC 3X License
  • Ability to create multiple machine context
  • 3+2 Machining
  • 3D Stock Model¬†
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