WorkNC Add-ons

Along with traditional functions of WorkNC, there can be some optional add-ons purchased if required:
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WorkNC 5-Axis Module

WorkNC brings the benefits of 5-Axis machining to all users by taking the complexity out of 5-Axis machining. WorkNC 5-Axis includes powerful, easy-to-use programming and integrated collision avoidance.

WorkNC’s 2D & hole boring functions provide a complete solution to milling simpler, prismatic parts, or to program all of the holes designed in your parts. WorkNC’s 2D and hole boring functions can work on curve geometry, surface or solid geometry, and can program the holes whether they were designed in the CAD model or not.

WorkNC Auto5 Module

WorkNC Auto 5 is a truly unique and revolutionary innovation in the field of 5-Axis machining.

WorkNC 3 + 2 Axis Roughing. Roughing and Re-roughing toolpaths are one of the many strengths of WorkNC. The roughing phase of a productive CAM system allows users to significantly reduce machining times.

SMIRT ShapeMill

SMIRT is an integrated solution for the stamping-die industry that offers visualization, linear milling, drilling, planning and cost analysis capabilities.

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