WorkNC Auto5 Module

WorkNC Auto 5 is a truly unique and revolutionary innovation in the field of 5-Axis machining. Users can now automatically generate 5-Axis toolpaths based on existing 3-Axis toolpaths while taking into account the specific kinematics of the 5-Axis milling center selected.

WorkNC Auto 5 automatically generates collision free 5-Axis toolpaths from existing 3-Axis toolpaths. It enables the use of short, rigid cutters and allows more of the job to be finished in one setting, reducing the number of electrode burning operations required to finish a component.

WorkNC Auto5 Module

Features at a glance:

  • Efficient toolpath generation
  • Auto 5: Automatic conversion of 3-Axis toolpaths to 5-Axis
  • Complete simulation
  • Specialized strategies for individual applications such as trimming, pocketing, blade and tube machining, impellers and laser cutting
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